U4RIDE.AtlantaAirport.Taxi ~ Proximity Systemized Artificial Intelligence And Taxi E-Hail App

Running At: 275+ GHZ AT


And increasing steadily, day after day.

The people on the plane going to Las Vegas stared down business class going to Los Angeles, daring them to demand or complain....

The only way to beat A WALSH is unknown at this time, so all you can do is wish. If you miss me, why not email?

We need to leverage analogous development paths.
--TAXICITY.SLACK.COM - Goes with the U4Ride Github. --
Machine learning, neural networks and other methods
offer the potential for AI to evolve without direct
human control. Expert Specialist Humans will set
objectives, mechanisms, rules and initial conditions.
u4Rides Watson And Artificial Intelligence Research Video Lab A

u4Rides Twillio And SMS Research Video Lab B
And we are not be afraid of losing. We will refuse to give up. We will never surrender.

Constrain the problem, create/discover ideal
solutions to emerge and evolve. Send $$$ asap mr or miss venture capital!

IN DEVELOPMENT, MARCH 2017. ongoing: ~MAXX~, a taxi #Bot dispatcher Artificial Intelligent Agent

An Ever Learning Man-TO-Machine-TO-Man Interface & Info-System
Built on IBM'S WATSON and IBM BLUEMIX PLATFORM+Zinrai - Human Centric AI

Z INFORMATION: FOR BRAINs BUILD 2017betty - ancient android still available
You are invited to join in...........if you care

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CASINO!!! Hartsfield-Jackson International Casino is OPEN!(March 2017)

The Taxi Tapp App - Atlanta Edition

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FILES HERE SOMEDAY SOON: U4RIDE Github.com/u4ride/u4ride

Beacon-Nearby.Com Google Eddystone Beacon Technology Mailing List/Videos/Expert/Developer/Research Hub

MyTube.Info has alot of great videos, some of them U-4 Ride Project essential!

u4Rides Watson And Artificial Intelligence Research Video Lab A

u4Rides Twillio And SMS Research Video Lab B

Watch the U4Ride playlist on YouTube - Im the original Madstudios on YouTube, the U4Ride playlist is always growing

Still has a beating heart, still works! The Original 316 Taxi App and more TaxiApps

To prosper, we must sustain higher pressures on increasing brainpower. We grasp these powers with a firm hand. Do not worry, our great need of the world today is men and women who are great animals. They must have a robustness of spirit. They will come, brave spirits, as dogs do when there is barking in the field...


Dialog Semicondutor IOT Sensor Development Kit - I need one!

Google Location/Proximity And Nearby Notifications On The Way To Reality
July 28TH, 2016

Physical Web Browsers List

Physical Web App in the Play Store

Opera Browser With Physical Web Support - March 4TH, 2016

Physical Web scanning turned on in Android OS(many devices) June 19TH, 2016 by Google.

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'taxi' search on BusinessInsurance.Com

Do you want to invest, be an owner-operator taxi driver, or help deploy a cutting-edge IoT beacon network?
Get in touch by email or a phone call. Invest some $ or $$$ and help FUEL THE ROCKET.

I will split my BitCoin Money with investors. partners. and my drivers & customers! $increly, $cott.

TAXI CITY on SLACK Email me at dispatch@316taxi.info for a SLACK invite

TaxiTapp Atlanta is LIVE!!

THE ATLANTA TAXI ANTHILL It's begun, the ants have a place to march in to...

TAXI TUBES OPEN: From Atlanta Airport to Doraville Marta
(To be supported with Google Eddystone Beacons/Google Nearby)

Atlanta Airport Taxi Fare Estimator Continues/Expands
Just enter a starting address and destination and hit calculate fare. Quick. Easy.
That's my 1-877 number on the left side of the page. 8+ cities in Georgia covered.

Developing the ability to solve new problems, we
must embrace THE FUTURE.

We WILL enhance functionality to never before seen levels.

AtlantaAirport.Taxi and U4Ride are not here to take the money and run.
This is a story, a story waiting to be told. Perhaps even broadcast. No compromises!
One mission: enhance functionality to never before seen levels.

A complete list of INTERNET OF THINGS EVENTS IN 2017- Calendar Views

The secret of success(besides Google Eddystone BLE Beacon Technologies), beyond a habit of making money, is the ability to focus on 1 fixed goal. The way to learn to run is to run. The way to develop willpower, is to use it. U4Ride will be in the race, and the moves we make will be those that others are afraid or otherwise unable to make. Our reserve energies are even now compacting, adding money now is like buying rocket fuel.

Big data in the taxi industry is a resource waiting to be tapped. Taxi agility and local reach gives smart people the ability to achieve great things. Taxicabs are going to be unique in the coming Internet Of Things(IOT). The guns of the enemy are not aimed at us, we can be bold in our attack.

We don't need the I can'ts, the wont's, or those who talk endlessly about what they are going to do. What chance is there in this pushy, greedy, competitive world without great strength of will? U4Ride is like a tailor's needle, what we set out to do, we are going through to it. He who shoots at the target, will sometimes hit it - the man who never takes a shot has no power in this world. His energy is gone before the battle.

The achievements and money that await U4Ride are not even computable. We are
sure of success. Still, we need and appreciate our patrons. Be one.

1-877-EZI-TAXI or e-mail us at: dispatch@316taxi.info

AtlantaAirport.Taxi Auction - Be The First To Bid On This APP-Based Global Taxi Business Operation

As the number(often 1000X the number of taxis) of rideshare drivers rotate with their high turnover rate into and out of the market, the number of ugly incidents will continue to multiply, multiplying the value of this, the world's busiest airport .TAXI domain, the number one Foursquare check-in in the world. The IoT impact is expected to be more than a trillion dollars in just the next few years. Be one of the first 4 million to get in on the ground floor. U4Ride is going places noone else is, at an exponentially increasing speed. Our technology must be TOP TIER and READY FOR THE WAVE.

Where are these customers and drivers UBER and LYFT are churning through going? Someday these kids will be having kids. Calling a gypsy cab on the darknet won't be so cool anymore. Think about it. 83% of biz travellers use a smartphone at the airport, where AtlantaAirport.Taxi is located, on maps and FourSquare, etc. Think about it. #PhysicalWeb

'As adults, we tell our children not to trust strangers to get in cars, get in this and get in that, but we need to start practicing what we preach to the children,' THE RACE TO THE BOTTOM
When it's over, it's over. Uber and Lyft like to brag they can subsidize lower and lower
fares and devastate the taxi industry. Is that how you want to bet? I expect you'll be Ubered.
This is not Arcade City, an oversaturation of gypsy cabs is not going to solve the transporation
needs of any city or community. Sidecar, Flywheel, Gett and other on-demand taxi app solutions
try to tap existing taxi fleets and take a slice of the profits, U4Ride is not going to be that.
U4Ride is a project in motion, don't worry.

WARNING: Watching Rideshare Drivers Can Be Hilarious.

Don't get Ubered

Time To Try Taxi Tapp App

Taxi Tapp App

Standby for our pOlymer pRogressive wEb aPp and airport transportation eddystone beacon-mesh network....Soon™

Uber and Lyft are not a problem. Nor any other taxi company, gypsy or legit.

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Provably fair.

If you don't pay attention, you might miss something.

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